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7 Days to Serve with Fannie Mae Helps 83 Year Old Homeowner

Fannie Mae volsWe are sending a big thank you to Fannie Mae and their staff that came out to volunteer to help Ms. Ethel (pictured here with Fannie Mae volunteers.)

Ms. Ethel, age 83, was born in Atlanta and has lived in her Thomasville Heights home for 35 years. When she first bought the home she was overwhelmed by how much repair work it needed. While raising her daughter and son she worked two jobs – one as a nightshift cleaning professional in the offices of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the other during the day cleaning large homes in Buckhead. She balanced those cleaning jobs for 25 years, always dreaming of becoming a nurse, but never finding the time between taking care of her children and supporting herself after her husband’s death. Ms. Ethel does not drive and struggles with asthma and her mobility. And because she lives on a fixed income she struggles to pay for her home’s maintenance. That is where Fannie Mae comes in!

For more than 75 years, Fannie Mae has been helping people and communities. Through their Serving, Engaged, and Ready to Volunteer Employees (SERVE) initiative, they are helping to support America’s communities and working with nonprofit partners to solve some of our nation’s most pressing social issues. Here at Rebuilding Together Atlanta, we have had the pleasure of partnering with Fannie Mae on their 7 Days to SERVE initiative to help low-income homeowners for three years in a row during their signature week of service event.

Today, Ms. Ethel is SO HAPPY! Her house looks fantastic and with all new carpet she will be able to better manage her asthma attacks and reduce tripping hazards. All of this is made possible by Fannie Mae‘s generous support and their awesome volunteers. Check out the short highlight video at by clicking on the image above.


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