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Rebuilding Together Atlanta Selects Neighborhood Focus Area

30331 CRP

We are proud to announce the adoption of a new initiative called Community Revitalization Partnership (CRP)!

A community revitalization partnership is a coordinated approach between a Rebuilding Together affiliate and residents, volunteers, municipalities, nonprofits, businesses, foundations, and other partner organizations to build and sustain a safe, healthy, and thriving community.

What is a “safe, healthy, and thriving community”? A safe, healthy, and thriving community provides its citizens with:
– Access to education
CRP components– Access to jobs and economic sustainability
– A healthy environment
– Access to adequate health care
– Safe and healthy housing
– A safe community and safe public spaces

We have selected Atlanta, GA 30331 as our CRP focus area for the next 5 years. Our strategic plan has a goal of performing at least half of our home revitalization projects in this neighborhood as our way of implementing this new program. The 30331 neighborhood – which includes Arlington Estates and Fairway Acres – has a median household income of around $35,000 and more than 65% of inhabitants make less than $50,000 per year. Less than half of them own their homes, but those that do own their homes remain in their homes for significantly longer than the state average. That’s a good sign that homeowners in this region are committed to their community and want to age-in-place. We’re already working in this neighborhood and love the community! In fact, the area is abutted by Campbellton Road, where we rehabbed three small businesses in an under-served area earlier this year in partnership with Wells Fargo, Invest Atlanta and the City of Atlanta Department of Planning, so we are already invested in this community with our partners.

As part of our goal to become an even stronger community revitalization partner in this region, we will work to maintain close relationships with community leaders and local partner organizations, work to identify community needs, and participate in a local strategy for collective impact. Stay tuned!

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