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2nd Annual RTA Board of Directors Rebuild a Success

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Rebuilding Together Atlanta, Inc. held its 2nd Annual RTA Rebuild in honor of Veteran’s Day 2018! Members of our Board came out in cold and rainy conditions to make needed repairs to help Ms. Judy, the widow of a retired military veteran.

Ms. Judy is a 71 year old military widow that has lived in her Oakland City home for 25 years. Her home was built in 1946. After an emergency stomach surgery she has found maintaining the house to be difficult, as her doctor has advised she not lift more than 15 pounds. Despite this, she cares for her three year old great granddaughter while her adult granddaughter is seeking employment (both live with and depend upon her) which is a financial and emotional strain on Ms. Judy who often wonders who will take care of the family when she is no longer around. As a result of her financial and physical constraints, Ms. Judy has been unable to perform needed improvements and maintenance on her home.

Through today’s Board Build, we hired a technician to service the homeowner’s natural gas wall heater that heats half of the house, replaced the rotted boards on the left exterior side of the home, installed energy efficient curtains in second bedroom, replaced the front door screen and installed a child-proof fitting, cleaned and organized underneath the kitchen and bathroom sinks and applied foam sealant in the gaps to reduce pest entry, installed grab bars in the bathroom, cleaned the gutters, and checked/supplied the smoke detector, CO detector and fire suppressant system.

Thank you to the member of the board of directors that came out to help Ms. Judy! Check out a short video from today’s [Re]Build at

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