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Enjoying Comfort and Safety in Edgewood

Zurich 090717We were so excited to partner with Zurich for a half-day rebuild to help Ms. Leila! Residing in the heart of Edgewood Atlanta, Ms. Leila helped build her home nearly 30 years ago with Habitat for Humanity. Regrettably, she suffers from a brain tumor that causes seizures and has fibromyalgia, asthma and mobility issues. One of her grandsons is 12 and lives with her so he is able to attend a better middle school with less gang activity than his mother’s district. Ms. Leila’s biggest housing concern was flooring. She has 30 year old flooring in some rooms that is unsafe. Due to limited income, she cannot afford to replace it on her own. Through funding from the Zeist Foundation, we were thrilled to be able to help!

Check out pictures from our rebuild to help Ms. Leila live in comfort and safety! Special thanks to The Zeist Foundation for financially supporting our work in Edgewood Atlanta and to Zurich for their awesome volunteers! This is our third year in a row volunteering with them!

You can View Photos Here from the rebuild!

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