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Rebuilding Together Atlanta (RTA) is dedicated to repairing homes, revitalizing communities, and rebuilding lives.
But like most in today’s unprecedented time, the impact of COVID-19 is empowering all of us to be more creative and strategic about how we keep our senior’s safe in their homes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), community preparedness for COVID-19 should include older adults and people with disabilities and the organizations that support them, to ensure their needs are met. Although RTA has postponed our volunteer projects, we stand committed to our mission and to improving the safety and health of our senior neighbors. And our work of providing critical home repairs to ensure safe homes are needed now more than ever!

We have pivoted our mission and created new partnerships that provide immediate support to the most vulnerable who are sheltering in place. Presently there are hundreds of senior homeowners who are sheltering in place in unsafe homes where the threat of injury or hospitalization is imminent.



The Senior SAFE Program continues our focus of providing safe and healthy homes for everyone during the CoVid-19 Pandemic.

Senior SAFE is targeting senior homeowners who are sheltering in place but who are doing so in unsafe homes due to the risk of fall or injury. These seniors are likely to be hospitalized if they fall further stressing the medical system, taking up a hospital bed that could be used for a CoVid-19 patients, and/or placing the senior at risk for contracting the virus itself.

Senior SAFE is a multi-layered approach to protecting our seniors.

Rebuilding Together is conducting phone wellness checks with at risk homeowners, connecting them with needed community resources for food and medication.

Rebuilding Together is partnering with other nonprofits to deliver food packages on porches and arranging delivery through grocery delivery services to ensure that immediate needs are met.

We are making home modifications to homes of identified seniors. These modifications will minimize fall risks and reduce hospitalizations for vulnerable seniors. Modifications include shower grab bars, shower chairs, railings, smoke alarms and non-slip rugs.

Seniors will receive virtual education from volunteer occupational therapist around Safe Shelter in Home Practices.

Supporting RTA during this extraordinary time can help us secure the resources needed to efficiently execute our mission and to provide services that create safe and healthy homes for our seniors and vulnerable neighbors now and into the future.


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