We are in need of volunteer House Captains for our rebuild projects! Please help us to help our neighbors in need! Interested? Email us!

House Captain Job Description
What does it mean to be a House Captain and who else helps them? The House Captain’s role involves all aspects of the Rebuilding Together Rebuild Day from preplanning to evaluating the results. This person serves as the project manager and is responsible for the smooth operation of their site on the rebuild day. All decisions concerning the work to be done and necessary resources are made by the House Captain. He/She is assisted by a Volunteer Coordinator (preferably, someone the house captain has selected) who is responsible for managing the volunteer logistics and who establishes a relationship with the homeowner and acts on their behalf during the work day.

The House Captain must remain free of specific tasks, so that they may adequately manage the project on the rebuild day. In this regard, it is helpful to assign or delegate aspects of the project to assistants. More specifically, the House Captain should select Team Captains for each major task they take on. The House Captain controls the actual jobs in progress and shares the responsibilities for specific tasks. For example, one assistant may be responsible for the exterior tasks, while another may be responsible for the interior work. Assignment of assistants will vary depending upon the scope of the work.

What is the estimated time commitment?

  • Two weeks prior to the event – approximately 10 to 16 hours. On the actual Rebuild Day – approximately 8 hours.
  • What are the House Captain’s direct responsibilities?
  • Attend various House Captain meetings.
  • Visit your assigned home site. Get to know the homeowner.
  • Determine the scope of work to be done – Keep it simple!
  • Prioritize and organize the work to be done in advance of the rebuild day.
  • Look for safety improvements that can be made.
  • Deal with false expectations! Don’t make promises for work you cannot complete.
  • Determine the materials and supplies needed for your site.
  • Utilize any and all connections you may have for discount supplies or subcontractors.
  • Submit material and supply order forms to Rebuilding Together by the due date.
  • Submit skilled labor requests by due date.
  • Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to assess the necessary number of volunteers for the home site. Pick-up remaining supplies at Home Depot (or other) in advance of the rebuild day.
  • Coordinate necessary preparatory work at the home site.
  • Manage the site on the rebuild day, stressing Safety and Quality.
  • Be a leader, not a worker. Clearly assign all jobs to volunteers.
  • Be responsible for follow-up on jobs not completed on the rebuild day.



General construction knowledge and skills

Highly organized

Able to delegate responsibilities

Happy to help

Support Provided

Support (and training, if necessary) is provided by Rebuilding Together Atlanta’s volunteers and staff. All supplies will be provided.


Examples of repairs on the workday include, but are not limited to: scraping and painting, carpentry, drywall, plumbing, electrical, glazing, weather-stripping, flooring, landscaping, trash removal, and cleaning