Safe and Healthy Homes

Our Safe and Healthy Housing practice model is the foundation of our home repair and modification work.
Rebuilding Together-Atlanta seeks to advance health equity by improving health and housing outcomes for our neighbors in need in the Atlanta community. Through a collaboration with National Center for Healthy Housing, Rebuilding Together Atlanta’s work is based on the 9 Principles of Healthy Homes.
 Our 25 Health and Safety Priorities help us complete comprehensive in-home assessments and set repair objectives based on each homeowner’s special needs and health status.
Each home has varying degrees of need and some projects may only address a single priority, such as installing a ramp, or several items, such as roof repair, energy efficiency upgrades, and grab bars. This framework also provides a means for Rebuilding Together affiliates to track and report the results of our repairs, helping them to set clear expectations with our clients and provide a platform for further partnership and collaboration to meet unmet needs.

Nine Principles of Healthy Homes:

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Healthy HOme