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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rebuilding Together?

As an affiliate of the nation’s largest volunteer home repair organization, Rebuilding Together Atlanta works to assure that low-income homeowners, particularly older adults, people with disabilities and multi-generational families, live in warmth, safety, and independence.

The Vision: Rebuilding Together strives toward one day ending substandard housing in Atlanta. With the combined efforts and resources of the community, we can realize that vision.

Why is Rebuilding Together Needed?

Substandard housing is a growing problem in the U.S. The number of low-income homeowners is expected has grown to over 30 million. A large portion of these homeowners are older adults, people with disabilities and families with children. Living on fixed incomes, these families face difficult decisions, often choosing between food or essential home repairs (such as fixing a leaking roof). The result is a loss of a homeowner’s independence, crumbling neighborhoods, increasing crime, and a drain on public resources. Rebuilding Together renovates the homes of these families. One day of volunteer effort can make a tremendous difference in someone’s life.

What is the national impact of Rebuilding Together?

As the largest volunteer home rehabilitation organization in America, Rebuilding Together works in 865 cities and towns in all 50 states. Rebuilding Together affiliates provided services for 16,317 homeowners and families in 2015. That same year, 105,340 volunteers donated 780,126 hours to support Rebuilding Together; the equivalent of nearly $30 million in labor donated.

What is the local impact of Rebuilding Together Atlanta?

The Atlanta affiliate has served local communities since 1992. During those 25 years, Rebuilding Together Atlanta has renovated more than 1,000 homes in several Atlanta neighborhoods. Thousands of individuals gave of their time, energy and talent to make this possible.

What repairs are done?

Rebuilding Together Atlanta does home repair and renovation including carpentry, electrical work, plumbing repair, painting, cleaning, weatherizing, roofing, trash removal and yard work.

Who is eligible for help?

Low-income older adults, families with children, veterans and disabled homeowners who are unable to maintain their homes in the City of Atlanta and Fulton, DeKalb and Cobb Counties when funding is available.

How are homes selected?

Rebuilding Together Atlanta works with neighborhood and community organizations to select homes. Each homeowner must submit a completed application, proof of home ownership and documentation of household income. Each home is evaluated by a team of volunteers to assess the nature of the repairs needed. After these requirements have been satisfied, the necessary resources and volunteer work force will be recruited in order for a home to be selected for service.

Who pays for the repairs?

All repairs are free for homeowners. Labor and many supplies typically are donated. Homeowners and family members are asked to welcome the volunteers into their homes and work alongside them to the extent possible. Rebuilding Together Atlanta’s work is done with families and neighborhoods, not for them. A homeowner brochure is provided to clarify our process and partnership.

Who sponsors Rebuilding Together Atlanta?

Generous individuals, corporations, foundations, labor organizations, civic and faith communities provide the financial resources vital to our endeavor. In-kind contributions of materials and services are also a significant resource for delivering a positive impact upon our communities. All contributions are fully tax deductible as Rebuilding Together Atlanta is a non-profit 501(c)3.

Who can volunteer?

Individuals and groups who share our passion donate their time, talents, and resources to make this vision a reality. Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older, as the majority of our projects are inappropriate for young children. While many volunteers are skilled in the building trades, many others are needed to register volunteers, swing a paintbrush or perform other tasks. Skilled volunteers are available on each worksite and eager to help volunteers acquire new skills. Please Email us to volunteer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″]
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