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Program Information

Home Depot and IBM QC Club 001Homes and non-profit facilities are selected with care. Site selection process is governed by guidelines set by the Board of Directors of Rebuilding Together Atlanta.
For a home to be considered for our services, the homeowner must be senior, veteran or person living with a disability living in the City of Atlanta or Atlanta metro area.

Homeowner Qualifications

  • Homeowner must own their home and occupy their home. We cannot  work on rental property.
  • The homeowner must be classified as a low-income senior, veteran or person with a disability.
  • Homeowners must demonstrate a health and safety need for the repairs and services.
  • Repairs must be focused around improving the health and safety of living within the home and are not cosmetic in nature.
  • Homeowners must complete a Homeowner Application and all required paperwork.
  • Homeowners must provide proof of total household income for all person who are currently residing in the home (i.e., copy of check stub, copy of SSI, Social Security or Veterans benefits entitlement letter).
  • Must provide proof of home insurance and verified home ownership as well as, 2 recent utilities in the homeowner’s name.
  • Must agree to occupy and live in the home for 2 years after the services are provided.

Our Programs

1.The Roof Replacement Program

With support from the City of Atlanta Department of Grants and Community Development, Rebuilding Together offers a roof replacement program to senior homeowners that live within the City of Atlanta. Homeowners must meet low income requirements according to HUD. Income is based on household size and total income CLICK HERE  for income guidelines.

We are currently accepting new applicants for our Roof Replacement Program. Please CLICK HERE to apply for the program.

2. Rebuild House Sponsorship Program

Our comprehensive repair projects are sponsored by community partners and engage local volunteers in team building opportunities. Repairs are prioritized based on skill levels and sponsorship amount. Repairs can consist of flooring, plumbing , painting, electric, heating/cooling windows, and landscaping. Repairs are completed by skilled and unskilled volunteers as well as licensed contractors.

There is currently a long waiting list for this program. 

3. Safe at Home Express Program

RT Express provides repairs and modifications year round and allows homeowners to be served more rapidly and effectively. The program provides home repairs and modifications that present a safety risk or that limit access to or within the home.

Repairs are completed by teams of 2-5 volunteers year round Each project take 4-5 hours to complete. Repairs focus on helping seniors age in place and address issues with:

  • Fall Safety and Prevention
  • Accessibility/Mobility
  • Moisture and Ventilation
  • Weatherization and Energy Efficiency
  • Home & Fire Safety


Prior to all repairs, a occupational therapist volunteer will perform an onsite needs-based assessment to identify potential home repair and maintenance tasks as well provide education around fall safety and prevention activities in the home.

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