Homeowner Site Selection Information

Home Depot and IBM QC Club 001Homes and non-profit facilities are selected with care. The local site selection process is governed by guidelines set by the Board of Directors of Rebuilding Together Atlanta.

For a home to be considered for adoption, the homeowner must be low-income, an older adult, living with disabilities, or a family with children living in Fulton County.

The site selection referral process is accomplished several ways. Neighborhood associations, faith-based communities, and civic organizations often refer homeowners. While this is often the case, a referral is not necessary. Homeowners may apply directly for services.

One site selection is determined, the adoption process begins. The rehabilitation process has numerous participants. It is truly a team effort. Homeowners and family members are asked to welcome the volunteers and work alongside if they are able.

Individual Home Site Selection Criteria

To be considered for home repair service you must meet the following requirements:
•    You must own your own home. RTA can not work on rental property.
•    Your homeowner’s taxes must be up to date and in current status.
•    All liens against the home must be satisfied and in current status.
•    You must demonstrate that you have a need for the repairs.
•    Household income must not exceed the HUD standards for low-income status.
•    Your home is located within the current targeted service area.

If you meet the above criteria, apply online.  If you have additional questions, please contact us.


Small Business Renovations

On occasion we receive funding to revitalize small businesses in select areas. Currently, we have a contest underway to renovate businesses on Campbellton Road. For more information on this program, please CLICK HERE.