Archer Western volunteers 089We are able to make a tremendous impact on the neighborhoods we serve with the energy, time and talents of volunteers. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Rebuilding Together and the catalyst for our projects. With volunteer labor, we can leverage each dollar to provide four dollars of impact. The time and talent of each volunteer empowers us to offer our services at no cost to the homeowner.

Rebuilding Together accomplishes more than just home repairs. Volunteers, homeowners and neighbors inspire in each other a renewed sense of community spirit.

We work with corporations, small businesses, local community groups, faith based organizations, and civic organizations. Volunteers (age 16 and older) of all skill levels are needed and welcome. Volunteer groups and individuals provide the necessary skills and energy to revitalize our Atlanta communities!

How can you or your group get involved? Simply contact us either by phone 404-505-5599 or email with your questions, to learn details of our current projects, or to arrange a work project for your group.

Our volunteers are Rebuilding Communities & Impacting Lives…TOGETHER!

Over the years several volunteer groups have helped us realize our vision to one day end substandard housing in Atlanta. Join us and add your group’s name to the list!